microscope looking at study images

Research Overview

We have completed extensive preclinical work, Phase I safety and are readying NRP2945 for a clinical Phase II study in LGS children.

Clinical Studies Planned and Completed:

  1. Clinical Phase II concept study in adults with typical absence epilepsy completed 2019.
  2. Clinical Phase I study in healthy volunteers completed in 2017.
  3. IND filing planned for 2021.
  4. Clinical Phase II in Lennox Gastaut Syndrome children planned for 2022-2023.

Preclinical Studies Completed:

  • Hit and Lead selection with thalamocortical and cerebellar microexplant phenotypic assay screens (neuroprotection, neurogenesis, synaptogenesis).
  • Preclinical model screening with NRP2945 for epilepsy, MS, ALS, peripheral neuropathy and ophthalmology mimicking animal models.
  • In vitro ADME determination for NRP2945.
  • Official preclinical development in in rat and dog GLP-tox/PK studies.
  • Rat juvenile tox/Pk studies planned for IND filing in the US for start of pediatric Lennox-Gastaut therapeutic study with NRP2945.